Air Shower


Air Shower is a kind of partial clean equipment with rather strong universality and is installed at the partition between the clean and non-clean rooms. Its used for the personnel or matters to shower before entering the clean area. After using it, the dust could effectively be reduced to enter the clean area and maintain the normal working status.
Shower means: one side shower, double sides shower, three sides shower, top shower.

Air Shower

Technical Parameter

Parameter\model AS-800 AS-800-2 AS-800-3
Filtration efficiency (%) ≥99.99@ 0.3μm
Spray wind speed (m/s) >20
Showering time (s) 0 - 99(adjustable)
Nozzle quantity 12 16 18
Size of shower area (mm) 800*900*1960 800*1200*2000 800*1500*2000
Size of appearance (mm) 1300*1000*2150 1300*1300*2150 1300*1600*2150
Chassis Stainless steel plate
Power supply AC,3,380V±10%,50Hz±2Hz
Fittings material  
Highly effective filtration specification and amount (mm) 610*610*69*2 760*610*69*2 915*610*69*2


  • Controlled by photo-electricity with automatic shower.
  • Designed with circulation wind to ensure the cleanness of shower area under non-shower status.
  • Double gates could adopt the electric interlock compulsory shower and it could be made into an automatic one.
  • We could accept the customers requirement for special design and it could be made into negative pressure, anti-explosive shower.
  • The static electricity removal equipments could be equipped.
  • Accept the air lock and cushion style particular design and manufacturing.

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