Automatic Capsule Filling Machine


This automatic capsule filling machine is the automatic filling machine series of our company. It has many advantages such as advanced structure, novel appearance, good sealing, small size, high efficiency, dosage adjustable, easy operation, safe and reliable, and so on.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Working Principle

When the machine runs, capsules in hopper enter the distribution device one by one. A row of capsules are sent to guide groove as the sending fork moves downwards. And then each capsule is filled into die hole. The medicine is pushed into capsules. Then filled capsules are closed, and finished capsules come out and are collected. Finally, after dust collector cleans up die holes, it enters the next cycle.

Technical Parameter

Model NJP1200 NJP1200A NJP1200B NJP1500A
Max. Capacity 72,000pcs/hr 72,000pcs/hr 72,000pcs/hr 90,000pcs/hr
Capsule Size 00~5# 00~5# 00~5# 00~5#
No. of dies 9 9 9 11
Power 3.5KW 3.5KW 2.5KW 3.5KW
Overall Size (mm) 1250×1200×2000 1250×1200×2000 970×800×1800 1250×1200×2000
Net Weight 1600Kg 1600Kg 850Kg 1600Kg
Noise <80db <78db <70db <80db
Power Supply 380V three-phase four-wire 50Hz

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