Electric Distiller


The Electric Distiller is used with the manner of electric heating and boil to get the distilling water. It is applicable for medical sanitation institutes and scientific research institutes, laboratories ect.

Electric Distiller

Technical Parameter

Model Output(L/H) ower(Kw) Power supply(V)
YN-ZD-5 5 4.5 220
YN-ZD-10 10 7.5 380
YN-ZD-20 20 13.5 380
YN-ZD-Z-5 5
YN-ZD-Z-10 10 7.5 380
YN-ZD-Z-20 20 13.5 380


  • The apparatus is airproofed well that can avoid the steams overflow effectively.
  • It is manufactured with technics of punching and welding. Interior incubator is made of stainless mirror plane argon-arc welding. The outer incubator is made of quality steel plate with beautiful and novel shape.
  • The apparatus is equipped with import sensor. The power will be shut off automatically when the water level in the chamber is below the heating device. With the function the apparatus can be used by customers safely and reliably.

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