Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer)


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Freeze Dryer (lyophilizer)

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Working Principle

Freeze Dryer, or lyophilization as it is referred to in the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Industries, is a dehydration technique, which enables liquid or slurry products, which have previously been frozen to be dried under a vacuum.

Operation instruction

Generally, the Freeze Dryer, or Lyophilization cycle is divided in three phases:
An initial freezing process, carried out in such a way that:

  • The product exhibits the desired crystalline structure.
  • The product is frozen below its eutectic temperature.

A primary drying (sublimation) phase during which:

  • The partial pressure of the vapor surrounding the product must be lower than the pressure of the vapor from the ice, at the same temperature.
  • The energy supplied in the form of heat must remain lower than the product's eutectic temperature (the highest allowable product temperature during the conditions of sublimation.)

A secondary drying aimed at eliminating the final traces of water which remain due
to absorption, and where:
The partial pressure of the vapor rising from the product will be at its lowest levels

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