Automatic Four-Side Sealing Packing Machine


Automatic Four-Side Sealing Packing Machine is suitable for medium and small sized packing of loose non-viscous powders having some fluidity like flour, coffee powder, lotus root starch, soy milk powder, milk powder, medicine powder in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.

Sealing Machine

Technical Parameter

Bag Length: 50-180mm
Bag Width: 50-140mm
Packing Speed: 20-45bags/min
Bag Volume: 1-150ml
Packing Film: composite membrane
Max Film Width: 350mm
Max Film Diameter: ø300mm
Film Core Diameter: ø70-76 mm
Power Source: 220V single-phase two-wire
Total Power: 5.5kW
Gross Weight: 650kg
Dimension (L×W×H): 1400mm×1000mm×2000mm


  • Roller heat sealing, four-side sealing, continuous run, fast and smoothly, low noise, firm seal, and good airtightness.
  • Bags are smooth and pleasant with high packing efficiency. Adopt PLC and LED touch screen, human-machine menu dialogue, simple and clear in operation and setting.
  • Adopt photoelectric tracking system, automatic counting.
  • Adopt frequency converter stepless speed regulation, seal temperature adjusted by intelligent temperature controller, reliable and convenient.
  • Bag length setting on touch screen.
  • Adopt screw feeding device, accurate measuring.
  • Wide application, plain cutting or dotted cutting between bags, can be equipped with a solid ink printer.

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