Water Softener


Water Softeneing is the act of reducing the dissolved calcium, magnesium, and to some degree manganese and ferrous iron ion concentration in hard water. A common water softener is sodium carbonate.

Water Softener

Technical Parameter

  • Filtration technics: high performance positive ion softener resin + quartz sand +KDF + activation ball.+SUS filtration net
  • Outer shape dimension: φ200×495mm
  • Initial flow rate: ≥1000 L/H
  • Applicable water source: Municipal tap water
  • Influx water pressure: 0.1-0.5Mpa.
  • Applicable temperature: 5-45.
  • Useful life: ≥three years
  • Effluent water quality: Better than<<Living drinking water quality sanitation standard >> (GB5749-2001), at the same time, the level of the sense and microorganism can reach to <<Bucket pure drinking water sanitation standard>> GB17324-2003.


  • The positive ion softener resin removes calcium and magnesium effectively, and keeps the hardness of water below 5ppm.
  • It can remove the silt, rust, suspended substance, residual chlorine, heavy metal, and inhibit the grow of bacteria, virus etc.
  • You can choose what size that you need, we can supply different model for you.
  • Compare with same products, Aoliyuan supply you the bigger capacity and economical water.

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